Waveform “rides the ‘new wave’ in nonfiction essay writing with bravura, intelligence, and sensitivity.”—Kirkus Reviews

Welcome to Waveform, a collection—the only collection—of contemporary essays by women. Like a cresting wave, women are today writing great essays while exploring the boundaries of the form. That is the reason for Waveform.

Waveform will be an attractive text for those who are teaching the reading and writing of nonfiction, and this site is designed to help teachers and students get the most out of the book. The “Authors’ Comments” are brief descriptions, provided by the contributors to Waveform, about the process of writing their essay. These are excellent sources for classroom discussions. Also here are “Readers’ Responses,” each of which offers an informal response to an essay and concludes with discussion questions.

Waveform will be published in December, and new materials will be added here in the coming weeks. I am excited about discovering the ways this blog can serve readers and teachers of Waveform.

“It’s all here, just as it should be: birth, death, sex, longing, regret, anger, love.”—Booklist